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Time to Update

How can you tell your campus safety escort is real?

Does a uniform make them official?

Is ordering campus driving & walking escort over the phone a modern way of accessing your Title IX benefits?

Is Blue Lights Technology the only way?


The SecureUs


Order campus safety driving & walking escorts right from our app

Private university security network designed only for students, staff, and faculty of your institution

University security officer profiles ensure you are connected with the right protection officer

who works at your college

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Vetted Security Providers to Choose From

Your college or university already has vetted security that is only currently only available through a Blue Light Kiosk or calling campus security directly. Services are Free under Title IX and include:

Campus Walking Escort

Campus Driving Escort

Tier 1 (advanced professional) - $Free/hr

Tier 2 (experienced professional) - $Free/hr

Tier 3 (basic professional) - $Free/hr

Tier 4 (static guard) - $Free/hr

The app is free to Download. Free to use with your connected 

University or College Public Safety

Question is: Why doesn't your campus have it?!

Private Network
Open Network
Key Features
  • Fully customizable

  • Flexible contracts

  • Email Confirmations

  • Operation Tracking

  • Vendor Oversight

  • Event Security

  • Site Security

  • Personal Security

  • Internally Controlled

  • Institution only access

  • Title IX Benefits

  • Email Confirmations

  • Variable Vendor Cost

  • Personal Security

  • NOT associated with your educational institution

Modernize Your Public Safety
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