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Increase Productivity

Employee productivity can decrease up to 58% during business travel

The number spikes when traveling to areas with increased threat levels from the US State Department

Protect your employees, increase productivity, and their gain trust

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Why are your employees using a ride share app when they can use licensed security professionals who do so much more than drive a car?

Travel Expenses Verifiable through Your Private Company account

Corporate Network designed only for your employees

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and Protector


Vetted Security Providers to Choose From

Every security vendor's pricing varies based on the experience level of their professional. On average we see the following rates:

Tier 1 (advanced professional) - $65/hr

Tier 2 (experienced professional) - $55/hr

Tier 3 (basic professional) - $45/hr

Tier 4 (static guard) - $35/hr


There are also other types of security services available

for Site and/or Family Personal Protection

Security Dog + Security Professional

Tier 1 only - $135/hr*

*4 Hour minimum

K9s are specialized in the following categories

Bomb Detection

Drug Detection

Personal Protection

K9 Services exclusive provider 

PDGK9/Axis Logistics Group

Key Features
Private Network
  • Fully customizable

  • Travel expense reports

  • Email Confirmations

  • Operation Tracking

  • Vendor Oversight

  • Cost Control

  • Event Security

  • Site Security

  • Personal Security

  • Internally Controlled

  • Employee only access

Open Network
  • Email Confirmations

  • Variable Vendor Cost

  • Personal Security

Customize Your Travel Security
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