Improving Productivity

Work loss while travel

Executives and the traveling workforce are effected by travel. Productivity can decline up to 51% due to worries of travel.

10% of your workforce will suffer from this phenomenon losing valuable time and money while on a business trip.

International travel can increase your production lose 4x compared to domestic travel.

Every security vendor's pricing varies based on the experience level of their professional. On average we see the following rates:

Tier 1 (advanced professional) - $65/hr

Tier 2 (experienced professional) - $55/hr

Tier 3 (basic professional) - $45/hr

Tier 4 (static guard) - $35/hr


There are also other types of security services available

for Site and/or Family Personal Protection

Security Dog + Security Professional

Tier 1 only - $135/hr*

*4 Hour minimum

K9s are specialized in the following categories

Bomb Detection

Drug Detection

Personal Protection

K9 Services exclusive provider 

PDGK9/Axis Logistics Group

Customize Your Travel Security

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