Meet Lana

Your Everyday College Freshman

College is a new environment and adjusting to the social atmosphere can be a tricky one. First time away from home for an extended period can find some students, like Lana, to stretch outside their comfort zone to establish new friendships. Cases are surfacing regarding stalking, physical abuse, and rape that go unreported or hidden by universities. Once Lana was stalked she decided her school no longer felt safe and transferred. 


Why wait until a student is accosted before your institution does something?

Universities are turning to update systems that allow them to track security operations, walking escorts, and driving details to better serve their population. Not only are they keeping up with modern technology they are saving on their budget on old outdated light poles.

There is a point where lack of progression becomes a detriment. You're already at the tipping point, and your enrollment is suffering. It's time for change. It's time to help Lana before something else happens.

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