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SecureUs Mobile Desktop

Cloud Solution

The Power of Productivity on a Global Scale

Why keep all your records on file in one place when you can have a network backing up your information?


The SecureUs Cloud uses Microsoft’s Azure platform to safely store your business data. 


Not only are you protected with an encrypted SecureUs platform, but you also have Microsoft’s global infrastructure allowing you to extend your business’s reach.

SecureUs Smartphone Scheduling Conformation

Quickly Assign Vacant Shifts

SecureUs Logistics allows you to cast a wide net for your operational needs.


Our Private Network account works worldwide and allows your clients to order & pay right through their smartphone.


All information inputted into the cloud system is accessible to you from any Microsoft OS computer that you can download from the SecureUs Desktop application. 


A mobile command center, with your information available to you, anywhere you need it.

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SecureUs Mobile Desktop

Cloud Solution

Changing the Way Your Business Runs

Client and workforce data is stored for your access to analyze, interpret, and improve your business functions.


Increase your productivity by joining to the SecureUs Logistics Cloud.


Click the Microsoft Azure logo below to learn more about the platform:

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