Modernizing Title IX

Out With The Old Tech In With The New

SecureUs is a plug and play software application designed for delivering college safety services. More students, staff, and faculty have been signing up with SecureUs in 2019 than ever before. Licensed security professionals can be saved and re-ordered as needed. No more random ride-share drivers with minimal background checks. fingerprinted, trained, FBI & State background checks are the way to go in this changing world.

Our data is showing that college campuses are becoming less secure, and in part it is due to an aging security infrastructure. Safety Departments are more than capable of handling security demands on campus, but without a modern means of acquiring their services universities are not maximizing their security budget to keep students safe. 

Keep your insurance liability low, decrease your maintenance requirements for old tech, take control of safety on & off campus, and show your university population they mean something to your institution.

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