11/19 Slow Burn, Long Fuse... Big Bomb?

It's election day plus 16, and we've still won.

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Why to relax

Forced relaxation is the name of the game people. We are going a distance here. In conversations last night I advised to open a bottle of red vino, make an agreeable meal and watch an old black and white movie vice watching the news. The analogy to what is happening in the media I use, is the bad dating scenario. You always knew it was bad but it took something really over the top to get your attention. There are great developments amid the din. The president's legal team undertook a presser at the RNC black hole in DC AT NOON. it was masterful.

An unmet friend (a church leader in CA) makes a point that the Devil's go to trick, is always to make you feel isolated in your opinion and therefore unrighteously alone. You're not. Recognizing the distortions and reminding yourself and others is the key. Republicans vs. Democrats is largely a fiction. This is much deeper and it is better linked to a unified threat with the many faces of a Hydra. A number of sentient and acting poisonous fangs in the mouths vicious, combative fiery dragon minds, all attached to a single prime mover. (See graphic at bottom).

The good news is that the press conference indicates that finally at plus 16 days, we have our (demonstrable) act together. The Next 10 hours will be telling for a media response. I see lots of coffee in my future.

Bat-Guano Crazy Media and why:

Gang the news media is now the crazy college greek society boyfriend/girlfriend who does not get it that it is over. Sure, they were flawed and you thought their terrible taste in music (Coldplay, Maroon Five and Kesha) made them endearingly quirky, NO, It was a tell! They really are conformist-nuts AND elitist sociopaths.... which made you property. Breaking up was rough, but dating somebody else might have laid down the marker that you were done, such are the unofficial rules of college (should have joined the Air Force).

Surprise! The new mate wasn't better, when et tu brute, you realized election night they were fruit of the same tree of crazy. The warnings were always there, you just ignored them as the superior if albeit flawed alternative. Newp, hard lesson. Rebound dating with smooth jazz Fox News was not enough of a hint to the former that they had to do some work, they all just doubled down on nuts. You knew they were bad for you, but you ignored it in favor of a bouquet of transient emotions they satisfied. Moving on to find answer is tough, because now you are watching that poor fool down the hall now make the dating rounds with that same singles-gauntlet and no amount of warning and cajoling will work. Your lot is to hear second hand sorrow and lament prompting flashbacks of the Bunny boiling you escape from at the melodious James Earl Jones tag "this is CNN".

Establishment, hooks, media jabs

The foregoing allegory is not catharsis. It goes to a shift of something that we always knew about big media and its political predilections. Those predilections serve corporate masters, per my previous regarding the big six. The media is alternating between fictions, deflections and frivolity. The point of my putting these notes together is to cut through the morass and leverage the benefit of 20 years of reading the scene.

The corporate masters behind the media have reached a conclusion that I have, times have changed and credibility is irreparable.

But their hands are tied and they are 'all-in' on their course of action with respect to how they report and leverage their power. They share the company of the guilty and to listen to the media shills is to give ear to the perp instead of the cop during the investigation. This is why I warn of my use of establishment media in these notes (it is good fun to catch them shooting their own feet).

Everybody on distribution for this email (not necessarily those who are secondary distribution -- BUT WELCOME!) knew that the media was unfair. There was not outright distrust of Fox news but ill-ease for most thinking folks. Put it aside and like "Oddball" from Kelly's Heroes start asking the eternal, socratic question "what's up with all them negative waves"?

Put it aside and find answers elsewhere.

The Heart of the Press Judiciary Divide... wait a minute.

The lawyers that I wrote about two days ago, gave a press conference today. Want hope? Watch the presentation (before youtube takes it down). Take the time, because the gravity of this moment in history does not permit lamentation and apathy. This has been the most timely and topical breaking news of the past two weeks. it is in fact the reason i am half-baked cutting this off early, it's that good. it is also why establishment media will not/not cover it (fairly if at all).

If you've been keeping up to speed with these you'd know that there has been a divide between the legal and public imperatives. They are in fact one now thanks to Rudy G. and the team. THIS WAS IMPERATIVE. The Harris/Biden team wants a hard bifurcation of these. The media is responding accordingly. So is the deep state. This hydra is now pushing the COVID fiction (again predicted here and elsewhere) even harder than before.

Owing to the Press conference given by the Legal team, I am punching this out early with a supplemental likely.

The Bottom line on this missive is that the struggle on the information front is real. The future belongs to credible well reasoned citizen journalists, and professionals who self-separate (such as John Solomon). Many will arrogantly run with the pack. But to me they are lemmings haughtily marching to the precipice. Information wise, the struggle is real. More from me, soon. Stay prayerful brothers and sister.

God Bless,


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