11/21 - Hip Shot, Past 24, Next 24

BLUF: Steady State Temporarily Placid Waters:

The shot heard around the world, being that of the Trump legal team press conference on Thursday resulted in only a minor amount of activity. As the strategy unfolds it will be impossible for the media to continue to conceal the findings. By their doubling down on tired themes and the continued quiet in camp Biden, indications are that a major rethink is underway by the opposition.

Taking Stock/Recall the Strategy:

- Getting into court was essential in order to forestall the Biden presumptive celebration;

- Getting into court forced the entire issue to function on a regular pace that permits the public to digest events as they happen as opposed to the opposition strategy of a continued deluge of confusion and information overload. Much of the team Biden effort was designed to intentionally confuse and frustrate forcing renewed esteem for traditional information structures e.g. establishment media;

- Allow the lawyers to establish the case, done Thursday by Giuliani, Powell, Ellis et. al. press conference;

- Generate affidavits to demonstrate crimes as a means of creating a rallying effect;

- Crowdsource the documentation of the vote-theft at a local level, this one is uneven to be sure (as the State Republican parties are not uniformly performing);

- Maintain the Powell legal effort with respect to Dominion and algorithmic manipulation as a complimentary but parallel legal effort.

This Strategy, the Emblematic Reaction of the Carlson Flap:

The complexity of the foregoing strategy falls back on one person entirely, Donald Trump. Over the past 36 hours since the last desk note, the attention of many was drawn to Tucker Carlson's spat with attorney Sydney Powell. In his complaint against Powell, Tucker (either ignorantly or disingenuously) stated that no one that he spoke to on the campaign was privy to Sydney Powell's work product. His implication was that it was therefore not credible.

The use of language was artful and dutifully recited with care as loaded into his teleprompter. It was too clever by half.

Mrs. Powell by virtue of being an officer of the court would not divulge her work product to members of the campaign unless there was legal imperative. Further, they would not be free to share those findings with Tucker under the campaign's Non-Disclosure Agreement (I had to sign one in 2016 - it's pretty thorough), to say nothing of maintaining professional courtesy. But none of this is material if one sees through the ambiguity to realize that Mrs. Powell works for President Trump and not the Trump 2020 campaign.

Like Georgia based attorney Lin Wood, she works with the team as a part of agreement. The formal terms of that agreement are unknown to me. The fact of this client separation speaks to a compartmentalized approach where, like Lin Wood, information can be shared and harmonized under NDAs with each other's teams at the discretion of the respective clients. This means that Powell's efforts can continue as a national approach and be untouched by more local efforts, such as that of Mr. Wood in Georgia. Similarly, the recounts in Wisconsin is its own stovepipe. The case in Pennsylvania likewise, will be its own contained line of effort. But the mechanism exists should the clients agree, they may inform each other's cases.

The decision making authority of the clients resolves to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC. But they are individual legal efforts.

What else does this portend with respect to Mrs. Powell's nebulous and herculean line of inquiry? Powell remains the attorney for Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. The US Attorney for Connecticut John Durham is yet to announce charges for his heavily augmented investigation. In this educated commentator's opinion you can look forward to what emerges from these three legal episodes as converging to reveal the largest formal criminal conspiracy case in the history of humanity.

In that way, Tucker Carlson wasn't wrong about that observation and he proved once again to be articulate and smart. He either knew this strategy and rationale that I have laid out in the foregoing when he made his challenge to her or he didn't. In either event he is what he has always been an opinion journalist with a smartest kid in the room complex. Dear reader, Tucker has always been about Tucker. He is not a movement conservative nor a MAGA ally, and never was. He is guarding his payday and notoriety at Fox.

Next 24 to 48:

The case as presented by the legal team on Thursday has arrived with those who would pay attention with astonishment. Allies were pleased, the opposition was stunned. In view of the potential legal danger, many people may now be re-evaluating their legal jeopardy before they make a decision as to whether to soldier on in the opposition. The controlled opposition who appear as fence-riders may be making the same evaluation.

Typically, Thanksgiving week is a time when things quiet down in the media. To believe those allied with the President, there will be no break. This is helped by simmering resentments over new Covid lockdowns over the Holiday. It is a terribly mercenary observation, but those allied to the President are likely going to be more open to charges of skullduggery in states where the "lockdowns" are more stringent.

Amistad vs. Perkins Coie Teaser:

Mark Zuckerberg and the George Soros aligned Law Firm Perkins Coie (You know the pee-pee dossier people?) have an emerging melee in court. Amistad is on the cusp of releasing six lawsuits that go to the heart of electioneering that may have broken the law financed by Mark Zuckerberg and engineered by political dirty trickster Marc Elias. More on this from me very soon.

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