11/21 Notes and Asides for the Weekend

Notes and Asides for the Weekend:

In keeping with the flavor of these posts, the election and what comes next, a number of thematic headlines have come forward that fall in line with the back and forth following the election. Same rules apply as before: pray hard, organize locally and keep your eyes on the big picture. This is a multi-front campaign.

Making news from the states in question at this hour are:

Wisconsin: Recounts financed by the Trump campaign have begun in jurisdictions in Milwaukee showing statistically impossible voter turnout.

Pennsylvania: As of this evening the federal judge in Williamsport dismissed the case brought by the campaign to halt certification. The opening argument was given by Mayor Giuliani. Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee dismissed it for "lack of evidence" when the point of the case was in fact to bring such evidence. it is now eligible to go before the Circuit court of appeals. The case is largely to be contested to the Supreme Court no matter the outcome at any level. Georgia: The Devil went down to Georgia and got his butt beat harder than a rented mule by Lin Wood. In Jesus' name of course. The man is single handedly bringing the deep state into a full blown howl injunting the recount and plans to reveal stagger cheating. Likewise Jordan Sekulow Promises major developments in that state early this week.

California: The Golden state has had a number of late calls drawing attention to themselves in the legal efforts of Sydney Powell. House races in Southern California have been reclaimed by Republicans in late calls prompting the questions amid the backdrop of the Dominion voting machine controversy. Mark this spot.

New Mexico: Ever since the challenges were bandied about, the governor of New Mexico has doubled down on criminally silly with COVID lockdowns. She appears to not understand that she is merely chumming the sea for her own demise. Reports have it that she joined the Democrat California counter-mutiny in Maui (unconfirmed). NM finds itself as a state that most of the Republican party was willing to consign to another lost year. Reaffirmed today by Borris Epsteyn, it has found a mention out of trump legal team members' mouths as deserving scrutiny.

Per a previous note to you, the Biden team is crowdsourcing the funding of their private transition. I was on a private transition and it was funded by friends of the Bush family and friends of the Chenney's. per my note to you as well, this is one more fleecing by a losing cause of its followers under FEC guidelines.

The administration of the Supreme court took up the issue of supervisory judgeship assignments on the so-called "shadow docket" following the death of RBG. These assignments are made on behalf of the full court usually for matters that do not merit a full hearing but a signature by a judge on behalf of the court. You might like the names and circuit assignments. God Bless, Paul

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