11/26 Thanksgiving Update

BLUF: We've still won. Make your plans for DC on 20 Jan. (I'll sleep-in, those ceremonies are painful)

Summary: The past 48 hours since my last note have seen an extraordinary amount of legal work endangering rendering hollow the "gains" of President select Biden in the closing hours of voting. Recounts are underway as are lawsuits. Team Biden was audacious enough to announce its intended nominees and it reads like an A-list of indictees of national security crimes of the Obama administration. In the chess being played, it speaks to deep state leftists in Washington being fearful.

Powell’s turn

After promising action for days, Sydney Powell and her intrepid team filed two lawsuits last evening around the midnight hour. Both utilize similar briefing material but differ naturally on specifics in view of the circumstances. The complaints are civil actions and unlike a criminal case require a “preponderance of evidence” vice evidentiary “beyond a reasonable doubt” for a criminal proceeding. As addressed in a previous note as to the scope of Powell’s effort it is complimentary but it is more likely to be a longer timeline of inquiry over the generally localized emergency relief sought by the President and the Trump/Pence 2020 team to determine that race.

The beauty is that what Powell and her team has crafted is something that can be scaled to other states. In places where certifications have been made and criminal acts perpetrated with or without the sanction of those in officialdom could now be revisited in the context of electronic ballot box stuffing. The approach gives some shelf life to discovering the magnitude of the fraud beyond the current election hype and not allowing the perpetrators skating free once more. Put in other words, where there is a will for a unified executive to examine anomalies that are potentially criminal, a groundwork is laid. In states where private citizens must seek relief askance of a cooperative executive branch, there is a road map. Discovery may force one of these two eventualities where you live.

Powell’s team could use some donations to be sure.

Bad Week in Atlanta

Powell’s civil complaint capped off a rough week for the Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia. Lin Wood, the super-intelligent Christian defamation lawyer practically dared the authorities of Georgia to come into an open court or sue him for some inflammatory social media posts. His explanation was that they would not risk a deeper discovery process than was necessary. Nevertheless, he filed an injunction with a view to discovering the nature of the activity at the State Farm Complex on election night into the following early morning with relation to a reported pipe burst. This is going after the coverup first and an obvious political undertone of inviting the public to view the case.

Concurrent to the Powell, Wood efforts, the Amistad Project of the Thomas Moore Society filed suit to disallow 100K votes in the state. Amistad has a national tactical effort on votes and vote counting based on the flow of money from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan into areas identified by the “Center for Tech and Civic life”. If one examines the prescient article from John Solomon’s team (note the date) you will mentally note that the places where this money was in play, is now the area where there is documented voting irregularity. The attached links offer the requisite depth for further examination.

All three efforts endeavor to be the first most honest examination of History, where the facts will have their own voice. Obviously the fourth estate abandoned that privilege long ago. These are three cases that should lay bare a horrendous amount of corruption in Georgia that taint certification and act as an historical marker as such. In so many words, to certify the election would be to place official sanction on a criminal act constituting yet another criminal act as well.

Legislative Hearing in Gettysburg

Senate and House members of the commonwealth met to hear testimony from affiants to the cases that the campaign has put together. President Trump was scheduled to make an appearance but due to concerns involving a positive test result of Covid for a legal team member (Boris Epshteyn), cancelled. The hearing was conducted at the Wyndom Gettysburg and was attended primarily by Republican legislators. Participants then bussed to the White House for dinner and onward discussion. The hidden message of the proceedings was that the Attorney General, the Governor and Secretary of State had repeatedly usurped their constitutional power. The proceedings can be watched here.

Tactically this and other public hearings that are scheduled are officially legal as the lawyers are presenting court evidence and conducting business in official fora. This returns to Czekmate Desk Note 1 where the strategy was outlined that once the lawyers had assembled a case, official proceedings would dictate the pace of the “narrative” rollout. The hyperventilation of the press could be sidelined as driving the course of the episode. Thus open hearings such as this and evidentiary discovery accomplish three things: they dare the authorities who are being found to be corrupt to proceed with said fraud and compounding their crimes further; simultaneously they lay out in a respectful manner the facts of the events themselves without the mass media interpreter who would (finally) not be in a position to save this or that politician when they next confront the ballet box.

Flynn’s free, HAMR Time?

An Answer to prayer is that General Mike Flynn is now pardoned with innocence. The strum and drang out of the usual congressional suspects was attack yorkie levels of ferocious. It has been an open secret for months in Washington that Flynn would get off. The fear among people like Schiff and Weissman is that they now will have the legal proctology directed at them. My opinion is that we will discover that proximate cause implicates Schiff and whistleblower lawyer Mark Zaid as a part of the off the books intelligence effort that Hammer contributed to. There will likely be linkages to “rogue” elements of the Israeli Security Services. It is already generally understood that the Lawfare Project at Brookings was the brains of the set ups Flynn got caught up in. it is further known that the law firm Perkins/Coie continually shows up in relation to Dominion and the George Soros family.

One thing I would be willing to bet on is that the Flynn pardon could not have been choreographed any better, thus let us expect to see the possibility of revelations he may share to remain a sword of Damocles over the situation. We can be sure that he will not break cadence with the Powell, Trump team effort as discovery continues. The cynic in me points to the ill-ease being felt by the establishment with the revelation that a CIA member of the Special Activities Center had been killed recently in Somalia. Why now?

Personal Opinion: Paramilitary members of SAC are a unique breed and frequently suffer being lumped in with a garden variety case officers or analyst managers. Nearly exclusively these operators come from “tier 1” special operations elements of the US military. By emphasizing the sacrifice of a SAC member, the agency may be seeking to insulate itself from the Flynn pardon along with the Dominion issue. Mrs. Powell has been relentless with respect to the use of Dominion by the CIA. One of the least talked about organizations within the agency falls under SAC, the Political Action Group (PAG). It is possible that PAG is feeling the heat of a potential discovery process with the uncharacteristic early disclosure of an operational casualty within SAC as a public affairs prophylaxis, that engenders sympathy.

Team of Crooks

President-Select Biden announced his coterie of the unremarkable for high level national security posts. I will not delve into their backgrounds because they will not get to serve a day. What I can tell you is that two of these people Sullivan and Blinken are likely to find themselves under subpoena by John Durham. The Federalist covers the action well if you missed it. If you were unable to take in the TV valium, know only that these people were named because they can directly implicate Uncle Joe’s dealings in Ukraine. This includes John Kerry whose stepson got himself jammed up with Hunter and is on the laptop(s).

Should Joe last longer than the 45 hypothetical days it would take for Kamala to 25th amendment him, they won’t survive confirmation anyway before Kamala was instructed by beelzebub to give us secretary of State Gaga and Secretary of Offense Clinton. This is flimsy insurance of the public relations (remember, the press is their first and last effective means of defense before violence) realm that should they be served to appear or arrested; it will make even more of a scene as a politically motivated play. Having met Blinken and Kerry, neither one of them are worth rioting over, but when did that stop a paid agitator from getting his or her kicks?

Further good news, Notes and Asides:

A fantastic breakdown by the statisticians and the Lawyers is available making the case for a Biden loss:

ACB shows how a number of SCOTUS rulings are likely to work out. We have our working majority at last:

In the mood for some graphical geekery to understand the fraud… here’s a treat for you visual learners:

When Giving thanks remember how it all began (Short video):

God Bless,


Psalm 100

A psalm. For giving grateful praise.

1 Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. 2 Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. 3 Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his[a]; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. 5 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

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