At Your Fingers, SecureUs Matches You to Local, Hourly Priced Security Professionals

Let our relationships with local security companies be your sense of comfort while you travel for an hour, a day or a week.  Priced by the hour, these are licensed security professionals that operate in accordance with State law provided by established and vetted local partners companies.


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SecureUs is NOT a security company. We're software to designed to bring security companies to those who need them for varying durations.  We have many fine partners whose professionals include highly trained and screened veterans and law enforcement personnel with close protection experience.  Likewise, we can modernize existing security infrastructure in organizations with their own or contracted security elements.


SecureUs seeks to help you enhance, expand, and evolve your business.

Find new clients, improve service to your existing ones, and never have to worry about collecting or scheduling again!



Personal Services

We Have Many Partners

Every security vendor's pricing varies based on the experience level of their professional. On average we have observed the following rates:

Tier 1 (advanced professional) - $65/hr

Tier 2 (experienced professional) - $55/hr

Tier 3 (basic professional) - $45/hr

Tier 4 (static guard) - $35/hr


There are also other types of security services available

for Site and/or Family Personal Protection

Security Dog + Security Professional

Tier 1 only - $135/hr*

*4 Hour minimum

K9s are specialized in the following categories

Bomb Detection

Drug Detection

Personal Protection

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