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The Issue and the Answer:

Issue: A house on the market in an unfamiliar neighborhood and you need to check on it after hours.

Answer:  When our professionals go with you, your welfare is first.  Checking on a vacant home after dusk can be dangerous regardless of the neighborhood.  Not with us.

Issue:  You have a prospective client seeking to meet away from the office whose telephone manner and requests are unorthodox and leave you uneasy.

Answer:  Most realtors have a good sense of people, the job demands it.  Because of our rate structure, you can save money by using one of our team for the time that you need them in order to set your mind at ease.

Issue:  Your client loves a new home, but you find that your opposite number in the transaction is difficult and intimidating to deal with.

Answer:  Lets face it, not everyone is professional all of the time.  Maintaining cordiality and amity through a transaction is paramount.  Our professionals are trained to be unobtrusive and how to use diplomacy as a first resort when necessary.

Issue:  You’d like to have a quiet, competent driver while you talk business with a client in the car.

Answer:  Limos are priced with hourly minimums.  Ride shares are known for chatty drivers with you merely "hitching a ride".  Our licensed and background-checked professionals are concerned with your safety and comfort.  We'll do changed & multiple destinations without you having to update an app or reroute GPS.  That way you can focus on making the sale or buy.  Finally, your ride-share/limo driver will not escort you and your client through the listed property.  If you ask, we will.

Available Now In:
Southeast Pennsylvania - Greater Miami -
Washington D.C. -  Virginia Tidewater - Houston

Security license and biographical information

are available for all of our professionals.

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