Your Profession, Your Reputation,

Your Safety.

Follow your instincts.  If something feels "off" about your showing:

Last minute booking, Unknown male client, odd hours.  Do the exceptions to the usual keep adding up?

The Company 


And So Much More

You don't need us for every showing. We will teach you the exceptions to utilize our professional bodyguards.

We blend in to make your showing a safe and successful one.

Personal protection HOURLY rates

On call anytime, for an hour, a day or longer.

Secure Transport

Traffic in is always tough. Let us handle the street, the checkpoints, and your safety outside the vehicle.

Executive protection

From one security professional to a team.  SecureUs has partnerships across the globe to suit your requirements.



Courteous plain-clothed or business-attire security, K9 teams, threat assessments, tailored to your needs.

Using SecureUs, How it Works:

~No charge until your trip is completed, safely~

1. Upon registration, a company representative will contact you via email.

2. A very brief threat assessment questionnaire helps fit you with the right personal protection specialist.

3. A phone or video teleconference may be sought (by us or you) in assurance of secure and confidential services.

4. We match you with a licensed professional whom you may continually order through the app.*

Every security vendor's pricing varies based on the experience level of their professional. You will be advised before booking, On average we see the following rates:

Tier 1 (advanced professional) - $65/hr

Tier 2 (experienced professional) - $55/hr

Tier 3 (basic professional) - $45/hr

Tier 4 (static guard) - $35/hr


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