Compliance for a growing industry

SecureUs was a new concept a year and a half ago. A white label smartphone app to help your company acquire new clients and improve your business logistics. Regulation has always been at the forefront of the security industry. We may be a logistics application, but we are quickly becoming the go to software app to find quality licensed security professionals. You don't subcontract from us, because we are not a security company. SecureUs is your gateway to providing better customer service to your clients.

Our network is expanding, but our requirements are getting tighter. There are many out there who want to "be" an executive protection security specialist, but that doesn't mean corners can be cut with your State's security regulations.

Even if your State does not require a PI or business license to operate a guard distribution enterprise you still have to have a SecureUs Command & Control desktop app to provide services. If we cut corners, then the legit security companies who are working hard to provide client satisfaction will suffer.

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