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Streamline Your Logistics

The SecureUs Cloud can manage better manage your operations than any system presently on the market. Why buy 4 systems when you can have an all-in-one with lower costs?


Answer: Simple. Change is difficult.


Start with a small project on the SecureUs cloud. Within 60 days you will feel the different a modern smartphone and desktop management system can do for of your logistics.

Security Enterprise


Faster delivery to your clients

Improve your workflow with smartphone technology. Assign tasks to your security professionals, and keep track of them while on site. No more cold calling, no more last minute waiting until an assignment is vacant. Your network can access all schedules through their smartphone, and be accountable for their time on the job. There's so much the SecureUs platform can do. Schedule a demo to find out how much more!

More Features

Company Owners and Administrators are given the SecureUs Administration Application (Windows PC)

  • Accept Payments.  Upon completion of each job charges on the clients are immediately paid to your account. 

Financial Reporting. View your financial information in Graph form over time periods. View a pie chart of financial productivity of each operator in relation to all employees.  View of Charges from clients, Fees, and Payments to your account.

  • Scheduling Assistant.  The Admin application helps prevent you from scheduling any employee over a conflicting schedule for that employee. 

  • Calendar View.  You can see jobs and their real time status for any date or date range.

  • Users View.  You can see the individual schedule for any client or security professional.

  • Add Clients. Can set up clients using their email and phone number to preset them to use your company before they install the mobile application.  This helps streamline the transition to use our services.

  • Add Employees. Can set up your security professional employees as operators for your company. Then they should install the mobile app with the email address you set for them and the phone number for their mobile device.

  • Closed Network. Using our services for your company keeps your clients and operators encapsulated in your own system.

  • Job Creation Wizard. Your Clients who are already set up via the mobile app can also manually call or email for services and you can create simple services for one operator or even create large events requiring multiple vehicles and employees.

  • Recurring Scheduler. If you have jobs that are on a recurring schedule the Admin app allows full customization to create a recurring schedule for any existing or previously completed job for any client. 

  • Managing Users:  You can enable or disable any security professional from the Admin app which will allow or prevent them from being able to use the mobile application for services.

  • Geolocation Map View: Can see the current location of every employee or client in the world or last known location.

  • Job Tracking History. Can view the details on every job for all time and view the geolocation (time, speed, location) history of the client and operator for any job.  This helps with accountability.

  • SecureUs software application is a copyright of SecureUs Technologies & Applications 2018

Access to

Open Network of Professionals

The place to find

security professionals to fit your needs

Why go to other security companies to fill in your contracted spots?

Answer: Because you need them.


Why go to other security companies for personnel when they can see your projects and outbid you?

Answer: Because they is no other methods out there, until now.


SecureUs is not a security company. We are here to help streamline your logistics, find you clients, and get you paid faster.

Keep your business secure and running without delay and without interference from other companies.


 Contact us today for a demo and our latest pricing.

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