Sole Proprietors

Security Operations in the Modern World

Individual with an EIN works security details as an individual. 


Sole Proprietors have pre-set pricing for total billable hours & mileage. A fee rate of 20% set by SecureUs, and the sole proprietor can find new clients through the app.

As part of the this network the sole proprietor only has access to the smartphone application.

*Please Note: SecureUs is NOT a licensed security company. We are a technology company, and all operators are responsible to be in compliance with their state law security requirements. Sole Proprietors work for themselves and are not paid by SecureUs. They are paid directly from the client through credit card transaction via the smartphone application.

Smartphone Access

You can find and add clients as you please. Your fee is only taken when you utilize the app, and your payment is in your bank account within 1-2 business days. Promote yourself and have your clients find you on the only app out there specifically designed for a security professional like you.

New Policy 

To be qualified to operate there will be two options available for operators:


-Security Enterprise

-Sole Proprietor


Both options require the operator to open a “Company” account via the SecureUs desktop application. Both options require an EIN (Employer Identification Number).


Security Enterprises are categorized as:

1. Companies with greater than one employee and subcontract work to non-employees.

2. Can set their own prices.

3. Have access to desktop & smartphone applications.

4. Possess business license to operate a guard distribution company (where applicable)


Sole Proprietors are categorized as:

1. Companies with ONE employee/member (for LLC entities) and/or subcontract work to non-employees/members.

2. Can set their own prices.

3. Access to desktop & smartphone applications.

4. Possess state license to operate a security company


Each entity will be required to electronically sign a software agreement to be activated on the SecureUs Application. Each entity must provide a copy of their state license to SecureUs. 


If you have an existing SecureUs Operator account, and possess an EIN, we can migrate your current profile to your business entity. Just email us for details.




-All operators MUST possess the state credentials to perform security services, and EIN (employer identification number) to be active & visible as a service provider.  


-Your state license number for guard distribution services must be active and included in your business profile. Additionally, security industry insurance information must be active and presentable upon request.


-All operators must have a bio filled out on the app and picture for their profile.


-If you do not possess your own LLC or Legal Entity you can do so through the link provided.


Legal Zoom:


-Those who DO NOT have an EIN and State business license to conduct guard distribution can join the Open Source Network to be available for hire by licensed legal entities with EIN and state credentials to distribute guard services. Your account will be deactivated to log in until contacted by an approved security provider.


Open Source Network professionals must provide SecureUs with copies of:


-State Guard card (for states who issue individuals this certification)

-Executive Protection Training Certificate

-Resume – Must reflect your publicly viewed resume on LinkedIn.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of streamlining the security industry to better serve the needs of your clients. 


We strive to provide you with the best technology application on the market!





Support Staff

SecureUs Technology Application, Inc.


Features for

Sole Proprietors

Your profession made easier

Security Professional’s App can:

  • View available jobs

  • Accept Jobs to their schedule

  • See jobs assigned to them.

  • Prevents accepting jobs which would create scheduling conflicts.

  • Professional can Confirm jobs assigned to them.

  • Get Navigation turn by turn to the Start of the job.

  • Get Navigation turn by turn during the job if it requires driving.

  • Records your location and time with the client while service is active.

  • Charges the client after a job is completed.

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