Threat Assessment

To establish your individual security need, please answer the questions below.  SecureUs confidentiality is assured and no answer is disqualifying.

The assessment allows local security providers to mitigate insurance and determine the assignment of personnel. These professionals undergo fingerprinting, FBI & State background checks, psychological assessments, physical fitness testing, and advanced protection training.

Do you have a Protection From Abuse (restraining order) granted by the court against a person or group?
Are you now, or have you been, subject to domestic abuse and/or workplace harassment?
Are you a person of high-net worth, celebrity, or executive of a global company? (If yes, this may require multi-security professionals for any assignment requested)
Have you been subject to harrassment by a ride-share operator?
Have you ever used private investigation or security services?
Are you under the age of 18? (Security professionals, with state child clearance check, can protect those under the age of 18 with parental consent)
Are you the subject (defendent) of a Protection From Abuse (restraining order) by the court?
Are you allegic to any specific dog breed? (Close proximaty totrained K9 units may be necessary for certain assignments)
Do you understand security services are not availble for activities subject to prosecution by state law?

Thanks for submitting!

A support representative will contact you shortly

* Questions regarding status with respect to abuse or harassment are not dis/qualifying in nature.  They inform the insurance profile and criteria with respect to personnel assignment for SecureUs vetted security providers, who  will gladly provide  services .

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